Saturday, September 27, 2008


True friends are hard to come by in my life. I just don't need the casual relationships that most people have with others. I have them but i consider myself to be independent and as such i have a very small amount of close friends. I have no problems with this whatsoever. In fact, i rather like that. I am a quality not quantity type of person. This next band is made up of one of these close people that i consider to be in my small group of true friends. Now we may not always keep in contact with each other but we have a mutual respect for each other and the decisions that each of us have made. This person is Brian Thibodeau. He is a creative genius! If you want to see what i mean then take a look at his artwork that can be spotted all over Richmond. Also check out his blog that has his works and his thoughts on the things he feels are important to him in this messed up world. Brian has always inspired me to live my heart and never to follow. He is a self made man. He will see what he wants and he will work at it until he can obtain that. And that is a rare trait that i feel a lot of people lack.

I have chosen to post his music for my next posting because i feel that, just as with, all the other bands on my blog that he is not represented enough on the web.

PoHM stands for Prisoner of Her Majesty. This music is just one of his many creative outlets. I truly love the music for what it is. I have had these songs for many years and i still listen to them and fall in love with them each time i listen to them. I love them for their rawness and their look into the mind of this man. He has told me to say that PoHM is an ongoing project and that more music is on it's way. I have included the cover for his Debut album called Century of War. The album i have is the Disengaged EP. The track listing is as follows.

Disengaged EP
1. Choices that Show
2. Suburbanites
3. Sunday Drive
4. I want to be your painter/ a lullaby
5. Creepy Crawly
6. Get a new Car
7. Curses
8. Time Comes to Depart
I have also included a two song preview of Century of War.
So check it out and let me know what you think.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to Donut

This is everything a compilation should be. I remember when i got this comp. it was the day after Halloween, and i traveled up to d.c. to see Sick of it all, A.F.I., Hot Water Music, and Indecision. That was a tremendously good show. It was at a club called Nations and when i left there was a rave going on the other side of the building. You should have seen the clashing of sub-cultures when the show was over.

This compilation was one of the leading albums that shaped my musical taste from that day forward. I have come to own most of the artist works on this album. The majority of the album's artist are on no idea records and if no idea was not their primary label no idea at least produced some of the artist's albums. So yeah check this out it is well worth your time.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Weakerthans

Today, we are going to go on a journey up to our friends in the north, Canada. Here is a group that i feel is not represented enough out there on the web. The band is The Weakerthans. For many years i thought that they where me and my friends little secret until i saw some girl who i knew did not really know anything about underground music wearing their t-shirt. I then found out that the Weakerthans had actually had some pretty good success.

I really like the first two weakerthan's cds. I like left and leaving more in the beginning then i got into fallow. check them out if you have not heard of them. John K. Samson's lyric's are amazing. Wikipedia says that, The band was formed in 1997 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by John K. Samson, after he left the punk band Propagandhi to start a publishing company. Samson joined forces with bassist John P. Sutton and drummer Jason Tait, and created The Weakerthans as a vehicle for a more melodic and introspective brand of songwriting than that of Propagandhi.

I have included the Propagandhi song that was also on Fallow. This will be with the Reconstruction site link. I did not have enough room to put it on the first two albums link. I also put in the Red Army Faction ep with hot water music, avail, and discount. check it out.

Left and leaving and Fallow minus anchorless

Reconstruction Site Red Army Faction