Saturday, October 18, 2008


This post is a follow up of the previous one. It will be short. Lucero is good! Ben Nichols is great!, check him out on the Revival tour. Support his solo career, buy his records. Go see him/them. Enjoy!
This is Lucero's That much further west and Tennessee albums.


The Revival Tour

My friends i have not written in here for a while and i do apologize. I will try to make up for that with some good music that i have been enjoying for a while now. As you may know i am a big fan of Hot Water Music and anything that any member of HWM is affiliated with, well since their hiatus they, the members, have come out with some extraordinary music. One would think that with the split they would not be as good with their separate engagements, but i feel that the exact oposite has happened. It started with the Draft and then just blew up from there. Var from No Idea records decided to release Chuck's first 7 inches, through an exclusive pressing club, and from there we have had wonderful music from the whole gang. Chuck has been busy with his music and this is just one installment of it. I feel that you should check out anything that he has out but i particularly like this album with Austin Lucas and his other band mates. The song Hold My Bed on this album was demoed on Chuck's 7-inches, and i personally like that version better. It is recorded at the dive bar in the bathroom on i'm guessing a four track recorder. It was a rough forcast for where Chuck Ragan was going and i personally enjoy the direction that Chuck has gone with his music. He has the same passion that has driven him throughout the years. He is a humble man as well. He may not know but he talked to me before the Revival Tour show and he offered to shake my hand and he carried on a conversation with me. Of course like a fool i was on the wrong side of the building to go into the show. (and i realized this later, only because the line was wrapped around on the otherside of the venue, to be honest i had not been to that particular venue in a good two or three years and the last time i was there the entrance was on the side i was waiting at, alright back to the post).
As for The Revival Tour i highly recommend you going to see it. Hands down it is one of the best shows i have seen in a good couple of years. I think i like the format of the show the most. At most shows you have the opening band first and then the subsiding bands following. That was not the case here. First everyone that was going to preform that night was up there and they played a couple of songs all together. Then they separated and Austin played some songs alone while calling the help of different players throughout his set. Richmond's own Tim Barry played next and did the same, then Ben from Lucero, and then Chuck. Chuck actually played some old songs from his Rumbleseat days. It was good to see him play Rye Wiskey. Alright well i have rambled on enough about this so i will get to the link. Please buy this album and support good artist.