Thursday, November 27, 2008

(Don't Forget To) breathe

First off Happy Thanksgiving! to those of you that live in the United Snakes. This compilation is one that I enjoy thoroughly. It is composed of music that i like from a time in my life that i did not know so much about music. It was a time when i was still learning all the realms of genres and what makes up these genre's sounds. This post is also in response to some talk that i have had with some people about today's state of music. Yes, that statement was vague, and yes, i feel that you should dive into some of these bands that are on this comp. to find out their true roots as well as the definitions of the music that they make. One could say that i am a snob, and that i take the fun out of music but that is not true, i love music and this is my way of keeping it straight in my own head. Do your research! Don't hate something that you don't understand, research and support your claims and support your local scene!
Most of these bands are second generation emotive bands, also on this comp. you will find a harder side to the genre. Check it out...


Saturday, November 22, 2008


I mean look at the cover art!!! I wrote this post a while ago and i am just getting around to posting it so here it goes..ohh and look at the cover art! i mean, i'm just saying...

Once The Draft had come out with their album In a Million Pieces, I remember reading an interview with Jason Black stating that there was going to be to be three types of critics of their new band. He stated the first was going to be the people who enjoyed his earlier claim to fame band Hot Water Music (he was in the Unitas as well) but did not like the direction that the former members of HWM had gone with The Draft. The second group of critics would be later followers of HWM that liked The Draft but still held them up to the same standard that HWM set. But, the third and the one that he wanted most was the critics that had not really heard of HWM and they discovered The Draft not through its ties with HWM.
If I understand his thoughts right then he wanted to be given a clean slate and his new band to be looked at as something different than the their old band. He wanted The Draft to be viewed with out the HWM blinders on. I feel that Warship is the same.
I have read several reviews of this album that still have the From Autumn to Ashes lens on. Now, granted some of them have come from Itunes and who knows what type of non-knowledgeable-non-good-music lover is going to write about their favorite band that decided to stop playing, and your still wanting to hear those same three chords that where worn out when they first started using them to write their radio chart hit songs. The sad thing is I have read some reviews from magazines that have done the same thing. I mean I understand that their readers don’t get music at all. But, you would hope at least the people who write the articles have some knowledge of what good music is. Ok, so on with my slant of the review. This article gave the cd 4 out of 5 stars so I thought that maybe I should check it out. Some of the reviews have said that Warship is a doom/sludge album. They have compared it to Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality (That’s a good start for an album to be called doom). So with all the convincing of the review that this album is doom it really had better be. I have yet to hear it so I am writing this cold.
I am pretty sure that no one will read this far down so I will get to the good stuff now that I have bored out all the leechers and now I am talking to the ones that really care about music and the things that make music happen. So, congratulations! for making it this far…here it goes.
I feel that Warship should not be compared to FATA, that is a separated entity altogether. They should be viewed as a different band altogether, and my reasoning for this is that they are another band. So stop with all the comparisons between the two bands and also the comparisons of Marks other project Biology (bet you didn’t know I do my homework too!) Suck it up! FATA is dead and move on with your life! And stop thinking that Emo is goth. When did those two genres become a synonym for each other?