Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Waking Eyes

Check these guys out! They are call The Waking Eyes. Think the Weakerthans, think The Flaming lips, think good music. I dig it! and you should too. They are from Winnipeg. Maybe we could get them to come down richmond va's way (wink wink) I would really like to see them. Download their first single. Also, check out their covers on YouTube. And buy their album Holding On To Whatever It Is. Support your local scene.

The Weakerthans

The Flaming Lips



This post is from an email i received from Jonny Leucine asking me to post his band on here. See i can respect that, someone who is working for their band promoting for them. To Jonny and the rest of his band i have much respect for you and the scene you support. Keep making good music. Plus check out their cover art. Check them out!


Download Step One: Proceed

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ben Nichols

Two posts in one weekend. I have found some music that i feel is worth sharing finally. Here is the link to Ben Nichols & Cory Branan live in Empire Theater. An interesting fact about the cover of this album is the picture is acutally in an alley way that is in front of another venue called alley katz. Alley Katz is another venue in the Richmond, VA area that caters to our music scene. But on with the music. the first download is the Ben Nichols & Cory Branan live in richmond and the second download is the Ep that he has released based on the book by Cormac McCarthy, called Blood Meridian. For a really good review of the album visit here.