Saturday, May 7, 2011

Captain, We're Sinking

I haven't heard something this good in a while. I am truly impressed with this little tidbit of music. They have that gritty old punk rock sound with a pop punk twist. I like it. They are in the vein of Nightlights meets Hot Water Music's baby brother from up north. I mean just check out their lyrics...

Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge

If you knew what I was thinking you’d all abandon me.
You’d throw me in the sea with broken knees.
Sarah sits at home because she’s sweating out her fears.
She’s choking on her tears. But no one hears her screaming
someone please save me. I need some form of recovery.
Sarah never told me I was only getting in the way,
just that I shouldn’t stay. Then I watched her fade away.
Now I’m throwing up on the floor thinking maybe I drink too much.
Maybe I don’t drink enough. I’ll get it right tomorrow but tonight I give up.
Someone please save me. I need some form of recovery.
When it’s over lay your head down and cry alone.
The cuts fade, but the scars never go.
I want to know why Sarah’s father beats her every night and day.
He sits by her wall and listen to her pray. She screams please,
dear god will you make that bastard pay? Then she’s buried in his fists,
and the last thing she ever hears him say is it’s over now.

First off they use my favorite word, Bastard, that is the best word and they have gritty vocals with nice sing alongs....mmmmmmhhh good stuff, check' em out


Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuff i think you should check out!!

Here is a link to chuck ragan from the daytrotter sessions...i know that i have been in active for awhile but i am still alive...i will post more should check out daytrotter they have a lot of good bands to download and listen too... hit it up!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Get Up Kids

So years ago i got kicked out of a get up kids show. It sucked...this is me getting back at is there new ep...i like it, i have read a lot of things this is where they left off after something to write home about, i also heard this is where guilt show left off, i feel it is more where death cab for cutie left off if they were to stop playing for 10 years and then came back after having ventured out and played a bunch of solo projects and eventually decided to return to the studio to play as the get up kids...get it? yeah, i think that james dewees does a fine job of setting the mood with his syth playing. I like it i really do i hope it is forshadowing for what is to come. check it out....

here is a daytrotter sessions that is pretty good

Monday, May 31, 2010

Matt Evans from Just Die

This post comes from a friend that has graced my ears with his personal music. Matt Evans put down some tracks that he had laying around. He is the guitarist for the DIY punk/hardcore band Just Die! which i recommend listening to their stuff...I will consider them to be local I mean I am in North Carolina at the time of this writing (not Richmond but close enough)...I have much respect for these boys and to Matt keep writing good music...Oooh side note i think the music sounds like earlier (only because i have not heard later) Rocky Votolato, good solid stuff if that is just demo stuff i cant wait to hear more.......


myspace for Just Die!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lucero 1372 overton park

So this is their major label debut. I saw them over the summer and they played some songs off this album. Support them i like the album. Get it and love it!!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Chuck Ragan

Gold Country

Chuck Ragan has kept this train a runnin. Since Hot Water Music went on their hiatus Chuck has not stopped with the momentum that fueled them. Get this album. If you like Rumbleseat, and you like the fury of early Hot Water Music then you need this album...get it here


Friday, September 4, 2009


Wavering Radiant

It has been too long since i have posted anything so i am going to put one that i feel deserves recognition that i have not seen in a lot of places. This is the newest Isis album that has come out. It is Wavering Radiant. I like this album. I think that Aaron Turner and his camp have done a good job with this. I like some of the changes that the album makes in their sound. Isis seems to be a genre defining band and not just a band that follows someone Else's definition of what they are suppose to be. they change with each album and that is the beauty of them. i feel that wikipedia does them justice in their write up of them. i hope you enjoy this album and if you want anything from their back catalog let me know.